Topic outline

  • Items need to install / Deploy E-Learning / LMS !

  • Items Need to install / Deploy E-Learning /LMS (Moodle) !

    Items Need to install / Deploy E-Learning /LMS (Moodle)    !

    Items need to install/deploy E-Learning /LMS

    •  Domain (if you have any domain) or sub-domain 
    • Register G suite or Gmail
    •  Buy SSL  certificate of this  domain /sub-domain  (RapidSSL  - SSL certificate) 

    • Annual Fee for  SSL Certificate - VND 448.000 (1)
    • You Need your owned credit/debit Visa or MasterCard  with the amount of  US$10
    • To Activate Google Cloud credit US$300
    • Please send your G Suite / Gmail, domain & SSL certificate to

  • Q & A ?

    1. How much does it cost for QTSC Cloud / Google Cloud per month?

    - The cost for QTSC Cloud / Google Cloud is US$ 60 monthly + VAT 10%

    - This Cloud fee is to maintain LMS (Moodle) and includes 50  - 70 users login LMS at the same time to study.

    2. How long can I use E-Learning?

    - Lifetime use / unlimited time

    3. How many users? 

    - Unlimited users

    4. How many Links and how is bandwidth?

    - Unlimited 

    5. Do I need to know to code?

    - No, you don't need to know to code, use it as MS-word.

  • The LMS/ E-learning built on Moodle !

      E-Learning/ LMS integrated with Google Vision A.I  !

        E-Learning/ LMS integrated with Google Video A.I  !


       Thank you for your viewing  !